November 08, 2016 |
On the Air
November 02, 2016 |
On the Air
A closer look at the latest battleground state polls and Trump's growing momentum. ...
October 24, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl reacts to these recent revelations and believes the situation has 'appearance of impropriety.' ...
October 17, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl weighs in on Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy of eyeing the GOP strongholds in the final stretch of the election season. ...
October 13, 2016 |
On the Air
Email leaks show top Clinton staffer hitting Catholics, Evangelicals. Karl sounds off on 'The Kelly File'. Will Donald Trump and his allies make this a political issue by saying this is unacceptable? ...
October 06, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl weighs in on Gov. Mike Pence's steady performance on Tuesday night. ...
September 29, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl's analysis and lessons learned from first presidential showdown.  ...
September 20, 2016 |
On the Air
Fox News contributor takes a closer look at the polls ...

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