May 26, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl and Ed Rollins discuss the movement toward Trump and Americans desire for responsible change in this next presidency. There is a clear lack of confidence from Clinton, how will this play out as the Democrats move toward their convention?  ...
May 19, 2016 |
On the Air
Reports say GOP candidate would leave little off limits in campaign against the Democrat; Karl Rove reacts on 'The O'Reilly Factor.' ...
May 12, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl joins Neil Cavuto to discuss the most recent Trump vs. Clinton polling, and how funding is going to come into play this cycle. Trump originally led people to believe he was paying for his campaign and it now appears he will have to rely on the RNC wh...
May 05, 2016 |
On the Air
The Democratic presidential frontrunner kicks off two-day tour through the Appalachian region. ...
April 28, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl weighs in on the most recent primary results and the Cruz-Kasich alliance. ...
April 21, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl discusses Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and an American Crossroads political ad, comparing Hillary Clinton to Richard Nixon. ...
April 21, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl explains how two Congressional Districts may play a key role in results. ...
April 14, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl reacts to Chris Wallace's exclusive interview with Obama and discusses the deep distrust of this Administration's Justice Department. ...

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