On Target: Polling Accuracy in the 2008 Presidential Election

Which pollster came closest to predicting the 2008 presidential election?  Comparing the margin of the last pre-election national poll to the actual results—as of 11/6/08, a 6.2-point Obama victory—reveals that Pew and Rasmussen were the closest to the mark, having predicted a 6-point Obama win.

Which Pollster Was Closest...

Posted: November 6, 2008

The Triumph of William McKinley

This book offers a fresh look at President William McKinley, whose 1896 campaign defeated William Jennings Bryan, ended a period of bitter gridlock, and reformed and modernized his party. The 1896 election is a drama in its own right, but McKinley's transformative political strategies and campaign tactics offer important lessons for both political parties today who face a similar landscape and many of the same challenges.

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