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A leading figure on the speaking circuit, Karl Rove has spoken to a range of audiences from corporate decision makers to trade associations to college students. The former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush is represented by the Harry Walker Agency in New York City.

Whether offering insight into American politics and elections or reflecting on the big issues facing Americans at home and abroad, Karl has been warmly received at annual meetings, conventions, community lecture programs and international conferences.

Karl’s speeches draw on 30 years of political experience and his role as “The Architect” of two winning presidential campaigns. The Harry Walker Agency says, “Groups that have hosted Karl are raving about his unique perspective on the candidates, their campaigns and the issues that will drive November’s outcome.” Here’s what some are saying:

“I think I can honestly say I have never met a more dynamic and gracious person.” – MR. BALLARD W. CASSADY, JR., KENTUCKY BANKERS ASSOCIATION

“The event with Karl Rove was wonderful. We were delighted to have him come all the way to Sweden to speak for us. We all had such a great time and his speech was just terrific.” – TIMBRO

“I don’t think we could have had a better closing speaker than Karl. The attendees were almost unanimously enthralled throughout his entire presentation and pleasantly surprised at how funny and personable he was.” – NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CONVENIENCE STORES

“Karl Rove has a one-of-a-kind political mind and a biting wit. Both were on full display when he spoke for our recent luncheon. An enthusiastic Dallas crowd laughed along as they learned from his insight, then they gave him a standing ovation.” – JOHN GOODMAN, PRESIDENT, NATIONAL CENTER FOR POLICY ANALYSIS

“Your presentation on the evolution of democracy and technology hit the mark, and you helped us precisely convey the message…We appreciate the careful thought and preparation you put into your speech—I could not think of anyone more knowledgeable on the subject matter. You were the star of the show!” – YAHOO!

“He was OUTSTANDING! Everyone absolutely loved him! We’ve received nothing but glowing reviews—our best season ever.” – QUEST EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION

Suggested Topics Include:

  • America’s Challenges Policy, the Presidency and Congress
  • What does the new President and Congress mean for America, our politics and parties?
  • Great Decisions
  • What are the biggest challenges facing the new Administration and the parties. What are the most important decisions facing our country?
  • From Wall Street to Main Street
  • What changes in Washington mean for business, ordinary Americans, the parties and our political institutions.
  • Lessons from the Architect: The Emerging Shape of American Politics
  • What does change in Washington mean for America; and how has this election transformed presidential campaigns of the future.
  • The GOP
  • What is the future of the Republican Party?

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