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When Democrats Go Too Far

March 30, 2023

In a new survey published by the Wall Street Journal, Americans gave insight into public sentiment on many of the left’s social platform planks. 

Why It Matters: Democrats have made it a their policy to push corporations to take political and social stands and to force global change and embrace transgenderism. The survey suggests these pushes run afoul of American public opinion. 

By The Numbers:

  • 63% of Americans believe companies shouldn’t take public stands on social and political issues, while 36% think they should.
  • 43% believe our society has gone too far when it comes to accepting transgender people, while 23% feel they’re adequately accepted; 33% believe society has not gone far enough.
  • 56% strongly/somewhat oppose higher education institutions basing admissions on race and ethnicity, while only 15% strongly or somewhat favor it.
  • 50% have a negative view of being asked to use gender neutral pronouns in conversation and 42% have a negative view of people identifying their pronouns in written and verbal communications.
  • 56% of Americans believe athletes should only play on teams matching the gender they were assigned at birth, while only 17% say the opposite. 

Behind The Numbers: The push from the left on these issues is contrary to the majority sentiment. These issues have risen to prominence in the last two years as conservative governors and legislatures push back against them being incorporated in diversity/equity/inclusion programs, critical race theory, and attempts to force female athletes to compete alongside transgender men.

The Bottom Line: Democrats have taken many of their initiatives beyond the pale in the eyes of many Americans. Messaging these issues can be provocative and lead to conflict, but they’re also issues the GOP can win on. Many voters believe these things have gone too far and the Democratic Party of 2023 appears to be committed to pushing them hard. As recently as 2022, there was evidence that commonsense approaches to these issues to make the workplace, classroom, and playing field less politically divisive were rewarded by voters. Republicans should take stock of that and incorporate it into oth messaging and policy moving forward.

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