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Dems See No ROI From VP

June 29, 2023

With skepticism and the possibility of a significant primary challenge mounting, the embattled Biden Administration received another blow this week as NBC News polling revealed that Vice President Kamala Harris’ favorability is at the lowest level of any Vice President in history as her party prepares for a reelection campaign. 

Why It Matters: Democrats gambled when they selected a little-known Senator from California who dropped out of the Presidential race before Iowa as Biden’s running mate. Frequent stumbles and increasingly hostile public sentiment make her a drag for the Biden re-election.

By The Numbers:

  • 49% of registered voters have a negative view of Harris, while only 32% hold a positive view, for a record net-negative rating of 17-points.
  • Taking office, Harris stood at 41% favorable and 41% negative, with an even net-favorability.
  • In the year prior to a re-election NBC polling shows other Vice Presidents sat at: +15 (Gore), +23 (Cheney), +1 (Biden), and -4 (Pence).


Out of Touch Establishment: The late Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid publicly acknowledged that Harris even considered as a running mate because she was a black woman. Of the process, Reid was quoted, saying “[black women] are our most loyal voters and I think that the black women of America deserved a black vice-presidential candidate.” In choosing Harris, Team Biden ignored a large bench of potential candidates who might have been better received by voters and invigorated a new generation of Democratic leaders. 

The Bottom Line: Harris is exposing an already underwater White House to greater risk in remaining on the ticket ahead of what will prove to be a challenging campaign in both the primary and general election. The GOP should take advantage of this exposure by continuing to highlight the Vice President’s missteps and the increasing turmoil within the Biden Administration. 

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