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At the age of 70 and after ten years with little new work published, Jorge Luis Borges brought out first a volume of poetry and fiction, In Praise of Darkness (Borges was blind for many of his productive years), and a year later, a collection of short stories under the title of Brodie’s Report. This slim volume is a great introduction to Borges for those who haven’t read this remarkable Argentinian’s work. Fabulist, philosopher, historian, librarian, Borges is one of South America’s greatest writers. Dip into Brodie’s Report and you’ll see why he was the recipient of many prestigious international awards and want to explore Borges’ work further.
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What Karl's reading

After three years preparing The Triumph of William McKinley by reading very little but books, letters, articles and newspapers from the Gilded Age, I’m trying to get back into my regular routine, which I’ll chronicle here with an occasional review of what I’ve read.


A massive British invasion fleet nears the coast, its target a key port on the far edge of the United States. 


Not only does this volume have the best title of any book I’ve read in the past year, but it will keep you on the edge of your chair until you finish this tale.


This is a riveting tale of brotherly love, tested in a time of global war.  The characters are vividly drawn, the action riveting and the suspense almost overwhelming. 


My copy of PORTRAITS OF COURAGE arrived and I thumbed through it, expecting to take a quick look before adding it to my reading stack and getting to it in a few days.

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