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The Early Line On The GOP 2016 Presidential Field

Published in Wall Street Journal on November 20, 2014

With midterms over, let’s give political junkies a fix by surveying the emerging GOP presidential field. Twenty-three Republicans have publicly indicated interest (not including Mitt Romney, who says he has no plans to run). Here they are, with strengths and weaknesses.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is the GOP’s most visible social conservative. Can he reach outside that element of the party?

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The President Defies The Voters

Published in Wall Street Journal on November 13, 2014

The week since the midterms has been good for Republicans. The GOP gained a 53rd senator as Dan Sullivan was declared the winner in Alaska on Wednesday. The party seems on its way to a 54th seat in Louisiana. Republican candidates took 56% on Election Day. On Monday the two Republicans who won nearly 15% endorsed fellow Republican Bill Cassidy. He is the front-runner going into the Dec. 6 runoff. 

Final exit polls were also encouraging for the GOP. Texas Sen. John Cornyn won 48% of Hispanic voters, while Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott took 44%.  

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Gruber Controversy A 'Case Of Political Amnesia'

Aired on Hannity on November 18, 2014

Democrats like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have praised ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber for years, but now that videos surfaced of him calling American voters "stupid," they have all have a case of politial amnesia.

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The President's Executive Order On Immigration

Aired on The O'Reilly Factor on November 17, 2014

Will President Barack Obama act alone on immigration, circumventing Congress to grant legal status to as many as five million undocumented people? How would Karl Rove handle illegal immigration if he were president? 

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By Karl Rove

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By Doris Kearns Goodwin

In a particularly vivid work, Doris Kearns Goodwin tells a rollicking tale about two presidents - their friendship, its destruction, and their subsequent rivalry - in a rapidly changing country with even more rapidly evolving media and politics.  Goodwin has a gifted eye for detail and insight.  

By Rich Lowry

In his new book, 'Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Railsplitter Saved the American Dream -- and How We Can Do It Again,' National Review Editor Rich Lowry provides a masterful account of Abraham Lincoln's climb to the presidency from humble frontier beginnings.  It is a fantastic take on the sixteenth president's convictions, discipline, and ambition which allowed him to live the American Dream and be in a position where he was able to make it possible for others to do so as well.  

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