September 15, 2016 |
On the Air
New polls show the presidential race tightening in key states. Karl reacts to these polls with Neil Cavuto. ...
September 08, 2016 |
On the Air
Undecided voters could be the difference makers in the quest for the White House for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Who are they? How many? Where are they leaning? Karl goes 'On the Record' to explain. ...
September 01, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl looks back at the former Secretary of State's remarks on the Foundation during her Senate Confirmation Hearing.  ...
August 24, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl weighs in on Trump's move in the right direction and discusses the new jawdropping revelations related to the Clinton Foundation.  ...
August 18, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl explains how Donald Trump's 'crooked media' message doesn't appeal to crossover voters and how in the weeks ahead he needs to reassure the swing voters.  ...
August 11, 2016 |
On the Air
Donald Trump stirs uproar by suggesting 'Second Amendment people' could stop Clinton. Karl reacts and sounds off on the latest swing state polls. ...
August 04, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl reacts to GOP nominee getting off message and missing campaign opportunities. ...
July 28, 2016 |
On the Air
Karl and Joe Trippi weigh in on 'Fox & Friends' and discuss the start of the DNC convention.  ...

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