November 18, 2015 |
The magnitude and malevolence of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, combined with President Obama’s pathetic reaction, are guaranteed to deeply affect America’s presidential contest. The question is which candidate is best prepared to take on the pre...
November 11, 2015 |
Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate was the best so far. The moderators emphasized substance and the candidates complied, most doing themselves some good — the biggest exception being Donald Trump. Four contenders again put in fine performan...
November 04, 2015 |
At the past 16 Republican National Conventions, the party’s presidential nominee has been selected on the first ballot. That long streak might end next year. For the first time since 1948, when the GOP nominated Thomas E. Dewey for president after three r...
October 28, 2015 |
After months of unremitting bad news and cratering poll numbers, Hillary Clinton finally enjoyed a good week. On Oct. 21 Vice President Joe Biden, potentially her most formidable opponent, declined to challenge her. The following day Mrs. Clinton testifie...
October 21, 2015 |
Having led the polls for three months, Donald Trump has shown he’s no flash in the pan. Voters and the media should therefore treat him as a traditional front-runner, examine his temperament and require him to go beyond sound bites. A governing agenda ...
October 14, 2015 |
The Democratic debate Tuesday revealed the best thing that Hillary Clinton has going for her: the weakness of her challengers.   Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came off as an elderly, dyspeptic Bilbo Baggins attending a British Labour Party meeting. Fo...
October 07, 2015 |
Of all Barack Obama’s qualities, among the most striking is his combination of self-righteousness and lack of self-awareness. Consider his news conference Friday. Mr. Obama attempted again to shift responsibility for the weakest recovery in recorded U.S. ...
September 30, 2015 |
John Boehner is a decent, honorable man who displayed his deep commitment to country and party last week, announcing that he will resign from the House of Representatives in October and relinquish the speaker’s gavel. Mr. Boehner would have easily beat...

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