Articles by Karl Rove

More job-killer than job-creator

Politico | May 1, 2012

Many Americans think Washington is broken, out of touch and unaccountable. For good reason: When it comes to jobs and economic growth, Washington often just can’t get it right. Consider how the Obama administration has made a mess of important opportunities that would provide more jobs and greater prosperity.

I Was Wrong About Dick Cheney...

Wall Street Journal | April 26, 2012

We've entered the silly season when vast numbers of words will be expended on who Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate should be. Since the actual announcement is likely to be made shortly before the Aug. 31 GOP convention, we'll have to endure three-and-a-half months of pundits handicapping prospects.

How Romney Can Beat the Buffett Rule

Wall Street Journal | April 19, 2012

President Barack Obama's relentless advocacy of the Buffett Rule—legislation to compel Americans earning $1 million or more annually to pay 30% of it in income taxes—moved last Saturday from misleading to incoherent.

Obama's Campaign Will Take the Low Road

Wall Street Journal | April 12, 2012

Rick Santorum's decision Tuesday to suspend his campaign effectively ends the GOP nomination fight. But it doesn't mark the start of the general election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. That contest has long been under way.

It's Almost Over for Santorum

Wall Street Journal | April 5, 2012

Most political contests have an inflection point where the outcome becomes clear. Tuesday was such a moment for the GOP presidential sweepstakes.

ObamaCare and the 2012 Election

Wall Street Journal | March 29, 2012

This week's historic Supreme Court hearings on President Obama's health-care overhaul will have huge political ramifications.

'The Road We've Traveled' With Obama

Wall Street Journal | March 22, 2012

This month, Barack Obama's re-election campaign released a 17-minute film, "The Road We've Traveled," that previews the Democratic general election narrative. Directed by Academy Award winner Davis Guggenheim and narrated by actor Tom Hanks, the film explores Mr. Obama's most important decisions.

Obama's Money and the Enthusiasm Gap

Wall Street Journal | March 15, 2012

Last July, President Obama's campaign announced that it had raised an average of $29 million in each of the previous three months for itself and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). I was only mildly impressed.

The Romney Train Rolls On

Wall Street Journal | March 8, 2012

Every Republican running for president got something on Super Tuesday. Not all they wanted, but enough to convince themselves to carry on, making it likely the GOP race goes on for months, not weeks.

Romney Takes the GOP Lead

Wall Street Journal | March 1, 2012

Tuesday's primaries bent the GOP presidential contest solidly in Mitt Romney's direction. Trailing Rick Santorum by 10 points in the Inside Michigan Politics/MRG poll two weeks ago, Mr. Romney battled back to win his birthplace by three percentage points.