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May 17, 2012

Yesterday the Obama campaign’s Stephanie Cutter pushed back against the most recent Crossroads GPS ad, which called President Obama to account for a series of broken promises – on helping homeowners in foreclosure, on not raising taxes, on health care, and on cutting the deficit.

The Boston Globe (of all publications) actually said of the video: “She often avoids the specific facts presented by the ad and in one case misrepresents its argument.”

Today, Crossroads GPS president Steven Law fired back with a response video of his own – going point by point, detailing Obama’s broken promises one by one, with citations from the Washington Post, Politifact, the Congressional Budget Office, and even the White House’s own website.

Call Team Obama out on their BS: watch the video, share it with your friends, and consider making a donation to Crossroads GPS. Our country need solutions, not just promises.

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