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Measuring the MAGA Movement

April 27, 2023

If you asked ten Americans what Make America Great Again (MAGA) or Black Lives Matter (BLM) means to them, you’d likely get 10 different answers, shaped by the political leanings and long-held opinions of those answering. A recent NBC News poll shows that the MAGA movement is deeply unpopular across a spectrum of voters.

Why It Matters: In the 2024 election, former President Donald Trump is depending on his base to be stronger and more unified than ever before and motivated by his promise to “Make America Great Again.” However, that does not appear to be the case with the public at large, and even many Republicans and independent voters.

By The Numbers:

  • 45% of all Americans hold a negative opinion on the MAGA movement, while only 24% view the movement positively. That’s a -21% net image rating. 
  • A slim 52-point majority of Republicans still view the MAGA movement positively.
  • Only 12% of independent voters view the MAGA movement in a positive light, while 45% hold negative views of the movement. 
  • Overall, Mr. Trump’s image in the poll stands at 34% positive and 53% negative: a net rating of –19 points.


The Bottom Line: Clinging to the MAGA moniker can be attractive in a primary – and in many districts and states it can be a helpful thing to do. However, given, the image of the movement nationwide, it’s unlikely it will produce widespread success in swing states and districts for the GOP in 2024. Republicans seeking office in swing areas should focus on building their own distinct brand as opposed to adopting one that carries a hefty amount of baggage.

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