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False Advertising

by Rove & Company Staff
Published: August 18, 2009

A commercial mobile phone company and its affiliates have recently used Karl Rove's name and likeness without his permission to promote their products. Certain advertisements have falsely attributed statements to Mr. Rove. Mr. Rove has not participated in and does not endorse any such advertising or the associated products and companies.

Statement On the Release of Interview Transcripts by the House Judiciary Committee

by Karl Rove
Published: August 11, 2009

I welcome the release of my House Judiciary Committee interviews and accompanying documents. They show politics played no role in the Bush Administration’s removal of U.S. Attorneys, that I never sought to influence the conduct of any prosecution, and that I played no role in deciding which US attorneys were retained and which replaced.

The transcript’s release follows two years of false accusations and partisan innuendoes made by Governor Siegelman and Judiciary Committee Democrats. These have proved utterly groundless.

Rather than relying on partisans selectively quoting testimony or excerpting email messages, I urge anyone interested to review the documents in their entirety. They speak for themselves.


by Mike Allen | Politico.com
Published: July 26, 2009

TALKER -- THE VICE PRESIDENT HAS AN OP-ED IN THE TIMES -- “What You Might Not Know About the Recovery,” by Joe Biden: “The actions we took — passing the Recovery Act, stabilizing the banking system, pressing to get credit flowing again and helping responsible homeowners — brought us back from the precipice. … The Recovery Act is not the cure for all our economic ills — no single piece of legislation could be. But how many government initiatives can point to both large numbers of projects coming in under budget and a Government Accountability Office finding that we are ahead of schedule in key areas? … [T]he way I see it, our balanced approach recognizes that there is no silver bullet, no single thing, that can address the many and complex needs of America’s vast economy. We need relief, recovery and reinvestment to cope with our multifaceted crisis — and only 159 days after it was signed by President Obama, the Recovery Act is already at work providing all three.” http://tr.im/u4O4

SHOT -- THE VICE PRESIDENT TODAY: “[T]he act was intended to provide steady support for our economy over an extended period — not a jolt that would last only a few months.”

CHASER 1-- THE VICE PRESIDENT in March: “The Recovery Act, as we call it, provides a necessary jolt to our economy.”

CHASER 2 -- PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA in November: “[W]e have a consensus, which is pretty rare, between conservative economists and liberal economists, that we need a big stimulus package that will jolt the economy back into shape.”

CHASER 3 -- PRESIDENT OBAMA, at his first press conference: “[W]ith the private sector so weakened by this recession, the federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back to life.”

The "Pay-Go" Farce

by Karl Rove
Published: July 24, 2009

Here's an interesting read—The Democratic Pay-Go Legislation: A Facade of Fiscal Responsibility (PDF download) from the Republican Caucus Committee on the Budget. This Democratic "Pay-Go" bill rewrites the statutory pay-as-you-go system that expired in 2002. Republicans have done a nice job pointing out some of the devastating flaws in the "Pay-Go" bill. As this review explains, the proposal exempts more than 160 spending programs like Medicaid, the stimulus package and any possible future health care program. Are loopholes as big as the Grand Canyon really the way to fiscal discipline?

Congressional Democrats are bypassing the Budget Committee and pushing this measure through Congress without much debate or revision.

Fortunately not all Democrats are going along with the farce. Even the Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-SD) admits that he is "... absolutely not interested in something that waives $4 trillion in costs in exchange for statutory pay-go."

For more objections check out House Dems Not Winning Over Critics with Pay-As-You-Go Bill, by The Hill's Walter Alarkon. Also check out the Republican House Minority Leader's statement.

Remembering Tony Snow's Life

by Dana Perino | Politico
Published: July 12, 2009

A year ago this Sunday, former White House press secretary Tony Snow died after a valiant battle against colon cancer.

I remember that day in almost all of its detail. I had just returned from Japan after President George W. Bush’s final G-8 meeting. I had been trapped in a hotel for several days, in the densest fog I’d ever seen, dealing with multiple crises on the domestic and international fronts; all I wanted was to sleep in my own bed and catch my breath before tackling another week at the White House.

The White House "Jobs-Saved" Deception

by Tony Fratto | CNBC Guest Blog
Published: June 2, 2009

After nearly twenty years in Washington I thought I've seen every trick ever conceived, but the White House claims of "jobs saved" attributed to the stimulus bill is unrivaled. What causes the jaw to drop is not just the breathtaking deception of the claim, but the gullibility of the Washington press corps to continue reporting it.

News stories from President Obama's event last week hailing the 100-day mark since the stimulus was passed typically repeated the assertion that the stimulus has already "created or saved 150,00 jobs." ("And that's just the beginning," the President crowed.)

Here's an important note to my friends in the news media: the White House has absolutely no earthly clue how many job losses have been prevented because of the stimulus bill. None. Not Christina Romer. Not Jared Bernstein. Not Austen Goolsbee.

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.cnbc.com/id/31063979

Democratic Opposition to Miguel Estrada

by Karl Rove
Published: May 28, 2009

The media and Democrats are driving the story line that Republicans will damage themselves with Hispanics if they oppose Ms. Sotomayor. What damage did Democrats face when they attacked Miguel Estrada's nomination by President George W. Bush to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2001?

2009 Speaker Series: What Karl Rove wants now is to set the record straight

by Chris Jones | The Chicago Tribune
Published: May 25, 2009

On Thursday at the Chicago Theatre, Karl Rove, former senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, will debate James Carville, the Democratic strategist and political consultant. Journalist Charlie Rose moderates. Rove spoke by phone to the Tribune; here’s an edited transcript.

FULL ARTICLE: http://leisureblogs.chicagotribune.com/the_theater_loop/2009/05/2009-speaker-series-what-karl-rove-wants-now-is-to-set-the-record-straight.html

Some Obama Enemies Are Made Totally of Straw

by Helene Cooper, The New York Times
Published: May 24, 2009

WASHINGTON — Democrats often complained about President George W. Bush’s frequent use of a rhetorical device as old as rhetoric itself: creating the illusion of refuting an opponent’s argument by mischaracterizing it and then knocking down that mischaracterization.

There was much outrage in 2006, for example, when Mr. Bush said that when it came to battling terrorists, “I need members of Congress who understand that you can’t negotiate with these folks,” implying that Democrats backed talks with Al Qaeda. That assertion was promptly, and angrily, disputed by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Now that there is a new team at the White House, guess who is knocking down straw men left and right? To listen to President Obama, a veritable army of naysayers has invaded Washington, urging him to sit on his hands at the White House and do nothing to address any of the economic or national security problems facing the country.

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/24/us/politics/24straw.html?ref=politics

In My Library: Karl Rove

by Barbara Hoffman | The New York Post
Published: May 24, 2009

Asked for the books that helped shape his philosophy -- political and economic -- Rove came up with a list that didn't include Machiavelli's "The Prince." Isn't that in his library, too?

"Oh yeah," he says. "It's supposed to be my favorite. It was Lee Atwater's favorite, but I reread it occasionally. I have a wonderful old copy, but it would not be in my top 10."

Here, four books that are.